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GLC Abogados is an experienced full service Costa Rican law firm which specializes in protecting the interests of individuals and companies that conduct business in Costa Rica. Our qualified team of attorneys at law has a clear understanding of the local laws and business environment complemented with a global vision.

We have prepared basic introductory information on our core knowledge so that you can have a better idea of essential aspects that are fundamental prior to doing business or getting your residency in Costa Rica. Our lawyers and paralegals are devoted towards protecting the interests of our clients in such varied business areas like: incorporation of companies, shelf companies, purchasing real estate, banking options, business licenses, trademarks, franchising, residencies, trusts, alternative dispute resolution, labor law, foreign investment in Costa Rica and litigation in general.

We invite you to carefully read our sections and contact us for personalized attention to all your concerns and doubts. Our promise is that if you read our simplified explanation of the key legal and business details you will know how to proceed in most of your daily business and legal transactions in Costa Rica with the support of our lawyers of Costa Rica.

Included in the list of attorneys of the United States Embassy, our lawyers are experienced and have the highest legal education from Costa Rica's most prestigious Law School and have graduate degrees from top US law and business schools which gives us a unique vision.

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Contact us for customized legal advice designed to protect your interests.


"Lawyers of Costa Rica assisted me to gain residency in Costa Rica. They handled all aspects necessary, quickly and cost effectively"

Majda Sujef

"GLC catered and helped us establish our business needs in Costa Rica in a friendly and professional matter"

Peter Macdonald


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Welcome to your site, this site is not about our law firm it is about your legal needs in Costa Rica. GLC Abogados is a full service Costa Rican law firm specialized in protecting your legal & business interests.

Your team of Costa Rica Abogados was formed in 1999 to provide legal advice to people and businesses that do business in Costa Rica. The lawyers team is composed of professionals graduated from the most prestigious Law School in the country, fully bilingual, with postgraduate education from top US Law & business schools but essentially they are Costa Rica Abogados who understand the need of the country to receive investment to contribute with the social, economic and especially human development.

Take a minute to go through all the sections of the information prepared by our costa rican lawyers and we guarantee you that after reading the contents you will be ready to sit down with one an attorney from our team to discuss the details of your case or project. Your Costa Rican law firm offers a wide array of legal services including: company formation, immigration law, business law, real estate law and litigation in many areas.

The process to retain the services of your lawyers of costa rica works like this: you contact our team via email, phone or visit our office, then our attorneys will study your needs,  next the legal team meets to discuss the ideal legal strategy, once the law firm understands the initial legal variables of your case or situation we will contact you with a proposal, you will study the proposal and reach an agreement if the terms seem clear and fair, once we start the client/attorney agreement we will create a NEW TASK and our lawyers of costa rica will begin to execute the job.

Our lawyers provide updates via our customer care department and focus on all the angles to make sure that you receive the best legal service in Costa Rica. GLC Abogados Costa Rica Abogados is more than a regular business law firm as we firmly believe in becoming your legal partner in the country as we have experienced that such service will develop long term relationships between lawyer and client and will benefit the client and will help with the development of Costa Rica. 

We encourage you to contact our legal team and discuss your needs with our Managing Partner who is passionate about sound legal advisory strategies to all our clients.


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