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GLC Abogados has successfully processed Costa Rican residencies and Costa Rican visas for people from at least the following countries: United States, Canada, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Netherland Antilles, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Albania, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand and others.

The reasons why our clients decided to get residency and immigrate to Costa Rica are varied; however, we have been able to notice that the more experienced travelers they were, the more they were convinced that Costa Rica is by far one of the best residency/relocation destinations.

The following are 10 of the main reasons why people choose to move to Costa Rica and obtain legal residency status:

  1. The most stable democracy in Latin America.
  2. Strategic location only 2.5 hours away from Miami in the middle of the Americas.
  3. The country is the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army, thus being able to invest in the education and social welfare of its people creating an educated labor force ideal for launching a regional or global business hub following the path of many multinational companies.
  4. Higher life expectancy than the United States.
  5. Consistently ranked among the top Latin American countries in human development
  6. Ranked 3rd in the world in the Environmental Performance Index.
  7. Ranks first as the happiest greenest country in the world.
  8. A diversified economy able to absorb shocks from the global economy.
  9. Exuberant natural beauty.
  10. Investment opportunities proper of a developing country but with a respect legal system.

Because it is a privilege to live in Costa Rica, the country has to maintain a clear policy in Costa Rica Immigration Law, in that sense please take into consideration that based on your nationality you might require an entry visa to come to Costa Rica. Retirement in Costa Rica is a real option that can be achieved following experienced Immigration lawyers, so if you plan to retire in Costa Rica please take a moment to the read the following basic explanation:

Costa Rica Visas:

Depending on your nationality you might not require a consular visa or you might be forced to apply for one in the corresponding Costa Rican Consulate in your country or region. If you happen to be in the group of nationalities part of group four, you have to apply to receive a restricted visa to enter Costa Rica directly from the Director of Immigration of Costa Rica.

Please contact our legal team to determine to which group you belong to and the necessary procedure to enter the country following Costa Rica Immigration Law:

How to Get Residency in Costa Rica:

With the visit visas you will be able to stay for a maximum of 90 days in a row. So, after you decide that you want to settle or retire in Costa Rica temporarily or permanently, you will need to examine the available options that Costa Rican immigration law has to offer for one of the best retirement options in the world:

Below we provide information on the main types of Costa Rica residencies:

  • Costa Rica Residency as a Pensionado or Pensioner.

Main requirement: Proof of at least US$1000.00 monthly from lifetime pension fund or retirement fund.

Key document: Income Certification.

  • Costa Rica Residency as Rentist or Rentista

Main requirement: Proof of at least US$2500.00 monthly for a minimum of 5 years, it has to be guaranteed via a letter from a recognized bank once a certificate of deposit of US$150,000.00 has been made by the applicant, that amount also covers his family.

Key document: Letter from a bank guaranteeing the deposit and monthly payments.

  • Costa Rica Residency as Investor or Inversionista

Main requirement: Minimum investment of US$200,000.00 in a Costa Rican company or business that significantly contributes to the local economy and its development.

Key document: Business Plan and CPA certifications demonstrating investment in a government approved sector.

  • Costa Rica Residency as Relative of a Costa Rican citizen

Main requirement: Married to a Costa Rican citizen or having a Costa Rican child.

Key document: Marriage License or Birth certificate.

  • Costa Rica Work Permit for Skilled Worker:

Main requirement: a Skilled worker with specific academic and/or experience qualifications sponsored by a recognized Costa Rican company.

Key document: Work Contract, Proof of qualifications.

Common Required Documents:

  • Birth Certificate: For each applicant.
  • Police Record: Valid only for 6 months obtained from your last place of residency.
  • Marriage License: If the spouse is to be included.

Basic Procedure Explanation for Costa Rican Residencies:

First: In general if the document is not issued by a government authority and it does not have the official seal, it has to be notarized by a local notary public.

Second: After that, or if the document was issued by a government authority it has to be taken to the Secretary of State in the United States of the state in which it was issued or to the corresponding Foreign Affairs office in other countries.

Third: Authenticated by the corresponding Costa Rican Consulate in your area.

Note: GLC Abogados analyzes and coordinates each specific retirement case considering all the different logistics and details involved as we have been able to verify that certain practices vary from consulate to consulate, so we confirm all the steps involved with the consulates in order to succeed with our Costa Rican residency applications and help make your retirement a pleasant experience.