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Costa Rica offers many different business opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs, and multinational companies both local and foreign. The country has the unique opportunities of a developing country with the benefit of a strong and stable democracy which has produced a highly educated labor force that positions Costa Rica as an ideal regional or global business hub.

With that in mind, our firm has a commitment towards protecting the interests of our clients through providing local advisory with an understanding of the global business environment. We know the advantages of doing business in Costa Rica, but most of all, we understand the existing limitations, obstacles, and gaps that businesses will encounter.

For many years, we have served many foreign individuals and companies by creating visionary legal structures and strategies that prevent possible legal and operational difficulties so that our clients can experience long-term growth; which enables them to focus on doing business and not in cumbersome legal difficulties.

Areas to Consider about Doing Business in Costa Rica

The following are some areas in which we provide our legal and business expertise to our clients:

  • COSTA RICA INCORPORATION: By designing a local and/or international legal structure we take the first step towards protecting the interests of our clients without hindering their growth options by using a flexing yet strong corporate platform. We offer Costa Rica new companies and Costa Rica shelf companies.
  • COSTA RICA BANKING PROCESSING: Once the Costa Ricalegal structure is in place, we use our knowledge and experience to find the best available banking options in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, the EU, and the Caribbean. With a Costa Rican corporation, it is possible for foreigners and locals to have Costa Rican bank accounts to operate their business.
  • LEASE OR REAL ESTATE PURCHASE: A basic step in doing business in Costa Rica is to properly negotiate the terms of a lease agreement or to manage the details involved in a Costa Rica real estate closing. In order to reduce the risk in these transactions, our firm has standardized procedures that are carefully analyzed every step of the way by our Costa Rican legal team.
  • COSTA RICA BUSINESS LICENSE: We understand the particular procedure required to open a business in Costa Rica, we register the employer in the Social Security, in the Insurance Agency, obtain zoning permits, health permits and coordinate with the local government to bridge the existing gaps between Costa Rica and the First world. We are also familiar with obtaining Costa Rica data processing licenses for online operations.
  • COSTA RICA TRADEMARKS: Costa Rica has a centralized Intellectual Property Registry in which trademarks and inventions are protected so that the business can function without giving advantage towards its competitors. With a speedy registration department, our firm also has liaison law firms in the region to protect your interests.
  • COSTA RICA FRANCHISING: The country offers many opportunities to bring international franchises that will find in Costa Rica their best market option in Central America. Our firm determines the legal feasibility of the franchise plan, conducting local regulatory analysis and due diligence on potential Costa Rican franchisees, to draft the distribution agreements required to close the deal.
  • NOTARIAL LAW: Our Costa Rica attorneys act also as Costa Rica Public Notaries and as public officers conduct all the necessary procedures required for real estate closings, certifications, Costa Rica company formation, wills strictly adjusted to Costa Rican laws and international practices.

Contact us and we will gladly give you customized advice to fit your needs for doing business in Costa Rica and to protect your interests.