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GLC Abogados is a full-service Costa Rican law firm whose mission is to protect the interests of individuals and businesses in Costa Rica via the delivery of qualified Costa Rican legal advice.

The Firm’s practice areas include business development, Costa Rica Immigration, Costa Rica incorporation, banking, family and labor law, litigation and real estate law . Our dedication towards relationships and not transactions enables us to identify the real needs of our clients and offer the Costa Rican legal strategies to address clients’ needs creatively.

Profound  Service by Our Law Firm in Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica law firm was founded on a commitment to provide personal service and valued Costa Rica legal counsel to our clients. After more than 16 years, that has not changed. We cultivate close working partnerships between clients and Lawyers of Costa Rica to ensure personal attention is provided every step of the way. And we clearly establish who has overall responsibility for the work performed on each matter – you are assured of well-managed, cost-effective, and timely service under the close supervision of our people.

Staying on top of Costa Rica’s legal and business changes is an important part of our service. We have seasoned partners who have been involved in important Costa Rican legal matters. These partners pass on their knowledge and perspective to our associates who are graduates of Costa Rica’s top law schools complemented with postgraduate degrees from world-renowned schools. Our commitment to ongoing legal education and training, supervision, and total quality creates a forward-thinking environment that benefits all of our clients.

We also recognize that realistic attorney-client fee arrangements and cost control are a part of the partnership between the client and our firm. We will work with you to tailor our services to meet your financial needs.

We invite you to discover what we can do to protect your interests in Costa Rica.

Our Costa Rica Lawyers’ Main Areas of Expertise:

Our Mantra: Protecting Your Business

Video Script

In the 1980’s Costa Rica’s economy was primarily agricultural, but in the 1990’s things started to change:

  1. Political Stability
  2. High Education Levels
  3. Strategic Location

This brought foreign direct investment: Industry + Tourism + Electronics + Services which caused a diversified economy.

The change was organic, but how could the Government or the professionals be ready? Guess what? They weren’t. Traditional law firms were born with the previous mindset! GLC was conceived in 1999 amidst the new economy. Foreign investment is embedded in our DNA, so it struck us!

Our Mantra: “Protecting Your Business

What are our tactics? Easy! We created 5 robust divisions:

  1. Corporate
  2. Labor
  3. Immigration
  4. Business
  5. Litigation

Come under our umbrella!